offer story

oak 2019 – 2020

“Simple” is the word that came to mind right from the start. And it guided me along the way: keeping it simple, straight. No ornaments, no flourishes! Another guide was more on the practical side: To avoid cracks as much as possible and to make the most out of the dimensions of the piece the bowl had to sit diagonal within the stem. I also needed to hollow it out as fast and far as I could – taking out the core. The “handle” I kept a bit bulkier than it will be in the end, to give it more stability while I’m still working on the rest. That will be the last part to take specific form. It might look – and be – a little fragile.








Five days to get it to the point where it needed to dry before I could go on. And of course the doubts: really? Such a simple form? Almost like a piece of craftsmanship rather than a piece of art… ?

Still, the smell of fresh oak is fantastic! I’ll start with the next one right away.

It is the first time I used a power tool to work on the form of a sculpture. In this concave form I couldn’t reach the bottom of it with the rasp. It wasn’t bad but still had some bumps in the middle. This tool works, though I don’t like it. I have much more control with ‘hand-powered’ tools. I think I’ll use this only if there is no other way.


Spring 2021
No, its not there yet. I thought it was finished, but it doesn’t feel right. Also, when involved tumbled in the middle of the night, it broke off the tip of the sharp end. So I need to work on that again anyway.