hello story

lime, 2020

This is a rest piece from ‘all-one’ – cut off with the motor saw – and was waiting for its time to come.

As lime wood is comparatively soft and the piece was dry already it enabled me to finish this one within two months. And those were playful two months although the eradication of scratches in the end was as tedious as ever. Okay, it was my decision to go to 240 grade of sand paper to bring out the grain.

And then there was the incident of the hole. It started as a dark spot where I went in between two parts of the sculpture. In the process of striving to remove that ‘spot’ I discovered that it was in fact a hole within the stem about 15 am long an at its widest about 3 cm in diameter. I caught myself singing “this hole goes ever on and on…”

It was not planned to separate the two parts of the sculpture like this. And I had to find a way to connect them in a way that made sense. Interestingly this sculpture developed in the times of COVID19, which fits if you interpret it as someone holding a shield in front and waving from behind it. But that’s also something that in one way or another refers to all of us – virus or not.

This sculpture found a new home in Berlin.