Pickett moved in shortly after Christmas 2018. As a bowtruckle his usual habitat are living trees of wand quality wood – something not on offer here. The new environment proved pretty exhausting for him at first. But then he started to adapt during the year. He is particularly fond of fresh wood. When the load of recently felled oak arrived in October 2019 he jumped right onto it and occupied it with such fervour that I worried, if he would let me have some of it. But when he saw what became of them after I talked him out of them piece by piece he started to check them out in their new state and seems to enjoy that. Another step of adaptation to this strange environment, I think.

He still can be found mostly among the storage of wood that I have not yet worked on. But he is exploring more and more of the workshop now. Give it time and I might have to start to worry what he’s up to – especially when I’m not here.


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