lots of wood


two maple (left) and two owan (right)

The second dry summer in a row presented gardeners and foresters with a lot of work. Power saws can be heard all over the place. And of course I couldn’t stay away. The first one was another huge maple tree. The stem was too thick for me but one of the branches had the right size. I asked them to cut it in the length I needed for the ghost of a sculpture. And I took another smaller version of this branch to have the luxury of making a study of this idea (the two pieces on the left).

Then my nephew had to fell an oak tree on his property called ‚three oaks‘. The tree was sick and threatened to fall on one of the houses. It is rare to get oak. So I rented a car to get some of it (five bigger pieces and a small one). The smell is fantastic! Five pieces of oak – and a little one – from a place called three oaks and will be two oaks and a newly planted tree that is still to be decided.

And I still have enough in my storage to work through most of the next year if I chose to.


five oaks and a little one

enough in store











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