a ghost of a sculpture


On one of my hiking tours I took a break in a small park on what was left of a bench – enough to sit and rest the weary feet. While drinking some tea I looked around. Across this patch of grass in front of me a figure was standing in the varying shadows under the trees. I couldn’t exactly make it out. It was not a living being – too small. But it looked like a slim statue of a man in a long coat and a hat with some kind of backpack.

This figure captured my imagination during the rest of the hike. When I got home, I sketched it from memory.

My curiosity drove me back to the place when I was hiking the next weekend. It was some detour, but I had to find out about this guy. It was a different time of day, so the shadows might have been different. But it still looked a bit like my memory. But the closer I got across the grass, the clearer it became what I suspected all along: I had seen an image. The real thing was just a stump of a tree cut down from all sides.


I think, I’ll make this sculpture. It’s a good format that will fit into any stem easily. Looking forward to meeting this guy for real! (see the wanderer study)


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