wave story

oak 2020 – 2021

Learning from the experience of changing perspective I played around with this one right away. There are three option of how to put it up. Standing on the smallest branch looks like the most fun. But it could also lie on the side. Let’s see how it looks like without bark and bast.







Then I quickly changed my mind. Shaping three pieces in three weeks is enough for now. Although I was astonished how fast the ideas came, I think this is a case of not overdoing it. Also, this piece is a big one and that needs time. As my time is a little fragmented over these next two weeks I decided to start rasping offer instead. It is pretty dry already.

I don’t feel like Writing or taking photographs. I just want to do it!


Hard stuff. After the elder pieces I am remided that oak is a different story. But eventually it gives way to rasp and sand paper.