The leaves are down. The weather is fine. The sound of power saws is all over the place. They are cutting down trees… And I’m not sure its ‘politically correct’ to be so excited and happy.

Two more pieces in one day! One smaller beech and a large piece of maple. Another piece of rowan a couple of weeks ago. My stock is full. Two down (hand and flow) and four more to go. I’m not even sure which one to start on next. What a luxurious place to be in!


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left to right: rowan middle size (became flow), rowan small size (became hand), rowan large size, birch (one of the monsters)

left to right: beech (from the church on the other side of the road, became decision), rowan large size, rowan even larger (from my neighbor). In the front: maple (from the other side of the block, became air creature)